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What's changed in the latest MT-ETCBC-A? (Also, links in the upgrade window aren't working)


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I just updated to the latest version of the MT-ETCBC-A (2.5). I'm wondering what has changed with this update. I can't seem to access the webpage with that information (see below). I teach a course that uses this as our base text, so it's rather important that I keep up with the latest elements. TIA


On a related note, many of the links in the Check for Updates dialog boxes just go to the Accordance homepage. It appears that it may be related to the length of the URL, with longer ones defaulting to the homepage.


Accordance, running on a Windows 11 PC (2.60GHz [i7, 9th gen], 16GB RAM)



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The update was related to an improvement in Accordance's "Letters search." So, there were no changes to the text. 

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