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Text resets to first verse, doesn't reopen to where I left


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In Accordance for iOS, I was accustomed to a text reopening to the spot I was reading when I left the app. (For example, if I was reading the NET and John 3:16 was at the top of the screen when I went back to the home screen or opened a new app or let the display sleep for a while, then when I opened Accordance again, I would be viewing the NET starting at John 3:16.) It would also save my place in multiple texts. (So if I had left off at John 3:16 in the NET, then even if I had used ten other texts since the last time I read the NET, when I opened the NET again I would still be at John 3:16.)


In Accordance for Android, if I leave the app and come back, I'm viewing the first verse of some text (not always the last text I viewed)—in other words, Genesis 1:1 or Matthew 1:1. If I switch to another text, I land in the first verse of that text too.

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