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13.3.3 Thank you for correcting bug related to LXX cross textual searching!

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Thank you very much for correcting this bug! My previous report can be seen below:

On 3/28/2022 at 1:04 PM, Anonymous said:

Cross-textual searching with Rahlfs' and Sweete's LXX texts:


The TEXT command works very well when inserting only one word, but when searching for two words in the TEXT command, it does not work at all.


E.g., if I search Rahlfs’ LXX for [HMT-W4 (=אבד, =אֹבֵד)], it complains about the brackets the program automatically inserted, and it does not work without the brackets either.



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These searches now work very well!


Thank you

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I must add, that many of the bugs I reported are not corrected yet.


I am looking forward to any future updates,



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