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Syncing with Mobile is the buggiest part of Accordance, by far


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While there are occasional failures in the rest of Accordance, I estimate that Syncing fails at least 95% of the time.  It is very very rare that I am able to complete a sync.  I've just spend close to 2 hours trying to sync my library, and have had very few (partial) syncs succeed.  ("Partial" meaning I only selected a small subset of what I really want to sync, in hopes of increasing the odds of avoiding having the whole thing fail.)


I use a MacBook Air (M1) runnnig 12.3.1 (21E258) and an iPhone 8 running the latest version of iOS.  The problems I'm describing have always happened, but they become more unbearable as my library grows in size.


There are several problems:


1.  Sync freezes on seemingly almost random books.

I say "almost random" because once a a freeze happens on a particular book, it often happens again and again on the same book.  But if I change the selection of books that are synced, it will often change to a different book.  So it is clearly not random but the pattern is unclear.


2. Lots of books get synced and re-synced EVERY SINGLE TIME.

At last count there are 43 books that re-sync even if I don't select anything new to sync, and even though they are already on my iPhone.  Given that sync can freeze on any book, syncing plays 43 rounds of Russian Roulette, plus one for every new book I'm trying to move to my iPhone.   Not that each book has a 1 in 6 chance of failing, but each book can fail, meaning that the odds of a particular sync job failing are extremely high. 


3. My sync selection is lost if sync is cancelled.  
If the sync fails and I have to try again, I have to also go through the entire hierarchy of books and find the selections I added.  This is probably not so much a bug as just a UX design oversight based on failing to consider the use case of failed syncing.  Once I select a book to sync, it needs to remain selected even if the sync fails. 


4. Very often the "Sync with Mobile Device" dialog box with the hierarchy of books never appears.  I would guess that that means the communication between laptop and iPhone failed.


5. Sometimes the mobile device appears in the list of devices even before I press the sync icon in Accordance on the iPhone.  I don't know whether this has any practical effect.  I haven't experimented enough to know whether this correlates with a failure to connect once I *do* press the iPhone sync icon.  I mention it only in case it turns out to be a useful clue for you about the nature or cause of some problems. 


6. Pressing "Stop" in Accordance on the Mac during sync does nothing.  I can only ever end a frozen sync by canceling on Accordance in iOS.  Again this doesn't have any direct negative impact on me but it might give you some idea as to where the problems are. 


7.  This is rare, but sometimes Accordance on iOS gives me "Sync Error: Could not create the Bonjour servers."  In fact it is possible that I've only ever seen that one time.  It happened just now, and I don't recall ever seeing it before.  Actually it just started happening repeatedly, but killing the iOS app and restarting it made that stop (for now).


8. Sync is all-or-nothing.  Let's say I'm trying to sync 3 new books to my iPhone.  If by some miracle I get through all 43 of the items that shouldn't be synced in the first place, and syncing freezes on the last of the 3 new books, why are the two that completed not left on my iPhone?  The sync process should handle every book atomically, and not rollback the entire sync when a single item fails.  That is illogical.





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Can confirm many of the same problems. I really want to use this to keep my library organisation in sync but in the end default to using easy install.

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Yes. I have had a great deal of trouble with iPhone to Mac synching. It wiped out my text modules and necessitated deleting the app and hobbling together my most used modules. Tech support reports several cases. They are trying to replicate the issues so the programmers can address this malignant bug.



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I just set up a new iPhone and tried to sync my modules form my Mac. It is such a pain. Easy install helps for some but there seems to be no way to get my user bibles on my phone which is a big let down. 

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