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Printing and Saving User Notes


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I have all of my sermon and study notes already organized in Finder. I am considering adding most of this material to a User Notes/Tools file. I have a few questions about the process.


1) All of my topical notes are in .pages and .doc format, what would be the most efficient way to import these into a User Tool?


2) If I decide at a later date that I would like to print all of these notes out for a hardcopy reference, how would I go about doing this?


3) Can User Notes and User Tools be exported in a popular format?


4) And finally, what is the best method in which to backup your User Notes files?


Thanks in advance,



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1) The best way to import other documents into a user Tool is to first save them as html files. This will preserve as much as possible of the formatting.


2) Printing User Notes/Tools is like printing any other window: display what you want to print and choose the tem in the File menu.


3) Similarly you can export your selection as a text or RTF file.


4) This is the most important question. Your User Notes/Tools are saved in your user/Documents/Accordance files in the relevant folders there. These should be backed up to another location of your drive, and prefereably to another disk. You should also back up the user/Library/Preferences/Accordance Preferences. The Accordance folder can always be recreated, but your work and your settings are valuable to you.

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