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finding unkeyed English


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I am looking at the English word "peace" in the OT. If you look at the analytics, there are roughly 15 different keys behind this word, but there are 80 hits that are not keyed. While I know how to find unkeyed words for a specific key searching the lexical form, I am not sure how to find the verses which include the unkeyed instances in English, as I don't know what lexical forms they are associated with.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi Kristin, someone else may have a better way of doing this, but I will have a go and it give you a result, but it's not ideal.


From the numbers you are using ESV, so i shall assume that text (not that it matters too much). All the commands I will enclose in quotes, but you don't type the quotes in the search bar.


In a new workspace, type "peace@[KEY H????]" into the search bar. This finds all the occurrences of "peace" that have any KEY number associated with it. You can restrict this tab with an OT range but you don't need to as it will only find HEBREW key numbers.


Open a new tab and type "peace" [RANGE Gen-Mal]. That should show you the full list that you have already found.


Then open a third tab and type " [CONTENTS ESV with Strong’s 2] <NOT> [CONTENTS ESV with Strong’s] "


This will give you a list of all the verses where the untagged word "peace" is in the verse. You will then need to read the verses and find the word for yourself. Seems like lots of them are part of the word phrase "peace offering" shelem.


It's an advantage that the NIV11-GKE phrase taggin avoids, but the older style strong's tagging can't assign a number to the two word phrase.


If you'd like a video of this I am happy to make it. I can't figure out how to make the word "peace" appear as a hit in the final tab so it's probably not useful for searches with very large numbers of untranslated words.


Hope that helps and makes some sense.


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Hi @Ken Simpson,

Thank you for your reply, and as long as my math is correct, I think your mention of peace offerings found them all. Without the quotes, "peace offering*" in the OT has 86 hits, and since KEY H8002 has only 6 instances, 80 unkeyed hits + 6 of this key = 86, that means all of the missing keys are peace offering/peace offerings. :) Right?


So I think that found them all. :)


Just for future reference for something like this (as it is not normally so simple as all the missing keys being associated with one key), if I needed to figure out where the keys are, it sounds like I would need to do a reference list like you mentioned for each individual key from the list in this screenshot, then add all the verses together into a new reference tab, and then do what you said. I think.


Thank you for your offer of a video, but I actually use what you mentioned a lot trying to find unkeyed lexical forms, this was just the first time I was doing it in reverse trying to find English instead of Greek or Hebrew. But I think I understand. It would just take several steps, but they could be eliminated with each key having its own reference tab.


I agree 100% what you said about the NIV-GKE. I normally work with the ESV, but I often consult the NIV specifically for the reason you mentioned.


Thank you again,





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