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Matthew Wysocki

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Accordance crashes on my MACBook Pro (Monterey) when I select Source Highlighting and Cross Reference Highlighting from the Preference Menu.  It becomes of vicious circle of crashing and rebooting.  When I deselect this feature, then use the Info Pane to highlight associated verses it crashes again...I have spent a lot of money on a Bible program I can't seem to use.  Please help...

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Accordance Safe Mode will allow you to easily remove or disable User Content, Settings, Connectivity and do Clean up for troubleshooting purposes.


If you are on a Mac, press your ‘option’ key as you open Accordance in order to open Accordance Safe Mode.


Please select ‘Remove startup session’, ‘Clear Library Cache’, ‘Clear Research Cache’, ‘Clear cached downloads’ and then launch Accordance.


If this doesn’t correct the issue, you can go back into Accordance Safe Mode and select ‘Remove General Settings’ and then relaunch Accordance. This will reset some of your personal preferences and you will need to put in your name and account information again, but this is normal.



Have you adjusted these settings in System Preferences in Monterey yet? This is required in Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina so that Accordance can function normally.


Open System Preferences on macOS to 'Security & Privacy’.


On the ‘Privacy' Tab, scroll down until you see 'Full Disk Access' in the left hand column. Select Full Disk Access and then put a check next to Accordance.


You will need to do this with ‘Accessibility' also.


If Accordance is not in the box on the right side, you can add it with the + button underneath the window and then navigate to Applications > Accordance and then select ‘Open’. Now you can put in the checkmark.


You will need to open the padlock in order to make changes.


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