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More Strange Error Messages


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A few days ago I was getting an "Auto Saved" error message that eventually resulted in Accordance crashing.


Now I'm getting a "Startup" error message, and I simply shut down Accordance on my own.


What is going on and how can I correct these error messages?

Accordance error message.PNG

Accordance startup message error.PNG

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The first issue has been addressed in the post shown below.


As for the Startup session-temp.accord error please go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp folder and delete any entries that have the word Accordance in them (including Accordance Sessions).


Have you checked to see if these issues are tied to a particular workspace (which may be damaged)?


These are both fairly rare issues. If you cannot isolate the cause of these errors, it may be in your best interest to simply start over and do a clean installation if these issues keep occurring. Your Accordance experience should not be so stressful. We can help if needed. Contact us directly at: techsupport@accordancebible.com if you need further assistance on this.



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