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Adventures installing Accordance on Windows


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So I'm now a switcher in the reverse direction because of Apple's Notary service and the potential for being used as a way to cancel software.


Ran into an issue where the default Windows 11 device sleep settings interact poorly with Accordance Easy Install. Basically, as far as I can tell when the device goes to sleep there is no guarantee that the Easy Install state will be left clean. As a result, when attempting to install modules after the machine wakes up, Easy Install throws "there was an error attempting to download the file". At least on the Mac the system is smart enough to not sleep it if there's ongoing processes.


The method to fix this involves holding down the Alt key after opening Accordance, but not while clicking on the icon because that will bring up a context menu or screen. The Alt key must be pressed just after you tell Windows to open it. This presents the usual Accordance safe mode options. Since I hadn't started using it, I opted to reset most everything. I must have told it to reset general preferences or something so I had to consume another activation of Accordance. After 15 years of using Accordance on many Macs, iOS devices, Wine testing, VMs and now this PC, I'm out of activations. Oh well, hopefully I can get that reset.


In any case, just wanted to give people a heads up that you should really disable device sleep when doing a long install, and to @Silas Marrs and @Mike Garrity that it probably makes sense to hook the device power state change event to ensure things get flushed in a tidy fashion to prevent this kind of breakage.


As for Accordance Wine issues, the app even does that screen flashing thing natively on Windows 11 so that is not a Wine-specific bug. I am using nvidia drivers if that makes a difference. Also, WIndows task manager reports Accordance hooking "GPU 1 - 3D" so that confirms the speculated Direct3D requirement for sure. I'll paste a full dependency analysis a bit later.


Best wishes to my Windows using friends on Accordance. I hope to file more bugs in the future.



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So it appears IO Error 9 is unrelated to device sleep.


If I  had to guess it might have something to do with apostrophes or other special characters in module names. I was in the last leg installing modules and I got this: (thanks to @Silas Marrs for the Ctrl-C trick to get the backtrace)


Accordance 13.3.2 (
Windows 10 (10.0.22000)

I/O Error #422116792 in the file “General.apref”


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I have opened again to Accordance but without all of my Tools. So whatever takes place writing to General.apref seems to wipe out any memory of my tools.


No recent backups of General.apref happened, so I will back that thing up before proceeding with the final download batch.


I think I'm on download iteration 3 of my full module set.

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In the midst of that redownload, a wild error 9 appears:

Accordance 13.3.2 (
Windows 10 (10.0.22000)

An error occurred (#9) that has interrupted your download.

Would you like to install the items that already finished downloading?


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