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Errors in "Searching for Highlighted Text" tutorial

Steven S

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  • Accordance 13.3.2
  • Windows 10.0.19044


I encountered two independent errors while going through the "Searching for Highlighted Text" tutorial. They are described separately below.


Issue 1
In step (8), the tutorial notes that "the number of hits reported for this search is zero." However, the number of hits actually reported is nine:




I'm not sure if this is an actual error, or that Accordance's behavior has deliberately changed since the tutorial was created, and the tutorial simply needs to be updated.


Issue 2
The "Searching for Highlighted Text" tutorial seems to be out of sync with the earlier "Highlighting Text" tutorial.


In step (15) of the "Searching for Highlighted Text" tutorial, the user is instructed to search for "Black":




However, this results in no hits after executing step (16):




Per step (17), it appears the tutorial is attempting to find the "Black Heart" symbol:




However, in the earlier tutorial, "Highlighting Text," the user is instructed to use the "X" symbol in step (26):




Thus, the later tutorial is searching for a symbol not created in the earlier tutorial. I'm guessing these tutorials simply diverged at some point and need to be resynchronized.

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