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MT-ETCBC search discrepancy - missing hits


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Hi all,


I was trying to find if the word יד/hand occurs in the plural with a 3ms suffix. I tried this search:


image.png.5ea677417901dc5749003acb7af514ed.png (copy and paste messed up the order)


I just happened to be in an older workspace using BHS-T, so it came up with 4 hits:




So far, so good. I, then, ran the identical search in the MT-ETCBC-A, and it came up with no hits. Navigating to these two verses, the MT-ETCBC-A has them tagged as plurals with 3ms suffixes, so they should have been found. 


I'm guessing this is a bug, or am I missing something?


If it is a bug, I would wonder if it's not just specific to this case, but that searches miss some of the tagging in general. Eek!




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That's strange. I just tried your search in the MT-ETBC module with a couple of changes and come up each time with the same four occurrences. The first time I omitted the = sign and I just put in the consonants (יד) but with your other specifications, of course. No problem. The second time I added the qamets. Same results. I then added the = sign with the qamets. Same results. So there is a problem somewhere. Perhaps closing and reopening Accordance might do the trick, or rebooting your computer?

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Thanks for checking the search. I figured out what happened, but it's still a bit confusing to me what exactly is going on. When I typed in יד, the menu came up for me to choose a lexeme, so I just clicked on the first one, which happens to have a patakh instead of qamets. Choosing the 2nd option--with the qamets--gives the proper result. 


So, then, I tried just searching יַד= with the patakh but no other tags, and it came up with hits in the Aramaic text of Daniel and Esther. Searching 0-יַד= for the Aramaic specifically comes up with a different set of hits, but also in the Aramaic portions of Daniel and Esther. It looks like, perhaps, there's an error in the coding for that יַד= so that the hits it catches should be found rather by 0-יַד= . Seems like the יַד= lexeme should just be removed and the specifically Aramaic search point to those hits as well.



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I am not sure what is going on either, but thank you for documenting this.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll fix it and have an update asap.

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