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Combined Texts with Tools i.e. Audio Bibles


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Hi there,


Presently, the Combined Texts can only use resources which are categorized as "Texts" i.e. bibles. They cannot be used with other kinds of resources. Under "Managed Combined Resources", I can see a few presets like WBC but it does not even show up in the preset list (I have the WBC).


Secondly, I have the Hebrew and Greek audio bibles. I like to combine them as "Combined Resources" but this is not possible under the current software UI.


Using the preset HMT + GNT28, I can switch between the Hebrew and Greek bible easily when I enter any verse in the OT and NT respectively. But in the parallel pane, I cannot have the same for the Hebrew and Greek audio bibles in one pane. This is quite a letdown.


I hope Accordance can look into this and make this work for all resources instead of just "Texts".

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A quick way to solve this issue temporary is to categorized all audio bibles as "Texts" > "Audio Texts" instead. Then they can be utilized as "Combined Texts" under the current UI.

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