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Expositor's Bible Commentary hot link issues

Gary Wissel

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Not sure where to post this but thought maybe this was the right place.


I have a strange issue with Expositor's Bible Commentary (current updated version and in the version prior.) I have trouble with hot links in the commentary.  I linked a couple screen shots bellow to further help illustrate.  My issue is hard to explain but I will try.  In the first screen shot my cursor (even though it doesn't show) is hoovering over the 1:59 hot link next to the Gen 17:12 hot link near the bottom of the first paragraph for verses 21-24.  The verse it is bringing up in the instant details is Isaiah 1:31 instead of Luke 1:59.   It seems the program is picking up the last full reference listed instead of using Luke as it should and in this case the last full reference was for Isaiah 61 found up in the section on verses 17-18.


If I hover over the 1:31 in the last paragraph of the same section in Luke (verses 21-24) I get an instant detail for 1 Samuel 1:28 instead of Luke 1:31 which it should give me.  Move down to the 6:20 at the very end of the same paragraph and I get 1 Samuel 6:20 as an instant detail.  Once again it seems the program is picking up the last full reference listed instead of using Luke as it should, in this case the last full reference prior to this was the 1 Samuel 1:24-28 reference in the paragraph above the two mentioned hot links. 


If I continue on down the page in Luke to the section on verse 26-28 and hover over the quick link for 3:23 it continues to go back and picks up 1 Samuel for the book and gives me a link to 1 Samuel 3:21 (as there is no verse 23)


Move on down to the next full reference Numbers 20:29 which is found in the section dealing with Luke 2:29-32  (seen in the second attached screen shot.)  When I hover over the link for 1:79 below the full reference I get Numbers 1:54 again, I think, because there is no verse 79 in numbers chapter 1.  If I move to the 2:14 next to 1:79 I get Numbers 2:14. 


This is throughout the entire commentary, as far as I can tell.


I hope this is clearer then mud and you can figure out what I am trying to explain.





Windows 11 Home version 21H2

Razer Blade 15 model # RZ09-0328

Expositor's Issue.png

Expositor issue 2nd page.png

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I normally report these as corrections as i often find if there are incorrect links in a resource, then there are a bunch of them. 

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