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Podcast video missing on iPod

Greg Terry

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I have tried to play the podcasts on my 5th generation iPod Video but it does not show any video. The video plays fine on my computer. The audio comes through fine without the video on my iPod.


I see that the video resolution is 640 x400 according to 'Get Info'.


I believe the problem is that my iPod's maximum video resolution is 320 x240.


Any chance that a lower resolution podcast could also be offered for those who have an older iPod?



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I'm not entirely sure what is going wrong, but the issue is not with the resolution of the Lighting the Lamp podcasts. Video iPods at least back to the 5th generation easily support resolutions of up to 640x480. Though the screen only plays back up to 320x240, they still will play the larger resolution size. They allow the higher resolution for the purpose of TV out, but it will work even if you don't do that. I know that it does work with with these older iPods, though, as I just tested multiple of our podcasts on my 5th gen iPod.


Some possible causes/solutions for your problem:


1) Perhaps the file just didn't make it to the iPod correctly? Go to your iPod settings, to the Podcasts page and tell it to not sync any Podcasts, or at least the Lighting the Lamp ones (if you have others). Click the Sync button, so it deletes them. Now tell it to sync them again and have it do so, to see if that fixes the problem.


2) Perhaps the file somehow got messed up during primary download? Delete it from your iTunes library, then click the Unsubscribe button at the bottom left of the podcast window. Then click Subscribe again next to Lighting the Lamp. This sort of 'refreshes' the listing. You can then click the Get or Get All buttons to redownload the files.


3) Perhaps your iPod's video settings aren't set up right to display video? Have you been able to watch any other videos on your iPod, podcast or not? I know on my one, there's an option to pipe the video to the 'TV Out' or not. If you try to send it to TV Out, but don't have a TV plugged in, it looks like there's no video!


I hope this helps, let me know how it all goes.

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Hello, Joel:


Thanks for the suggestions. I think the reason I could not get the video to play was that I was selecting the Lighting the Lamp podcasts from the podcast menu and not from the video podcast menu. When I select any of the LTL podcasts from the video podcast menu, it works as expected. It had been a while since I played a video on my iPod so I guess I can claim stupidity. :D


Sorry to bother you with this. Thank you so much for your efforts in solving my "issue".

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