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When I stop hovering over a Greek/Hebrew word it stops showing the parsing information in the bottom parsing pane. How do I stop this information from disappearing when my mouse moves?

Jay Vellacott

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This might be a super basic question but I couldn't find a way to word it in such a way to find the answer to it in another forum or on YouTube.


When I hover over a word in Accordance and it shows the Greek/Hebrew root with parsing information in the bottom pane it frustrates me that when I move my mouse to the pane the word disappears. I suppose this makes sense, because this pane is specifically designed to show parsing information for words that your mouse hovers over. If you stop hovering over the word obviously the parsing information will disappear.


How do I keep the information in the pane after I move my mouse away? This would be especially handy for when I see a Greek/Hebrew word in a text and want to see its lexical form and then copy and paste this lexical form into a lexicon in another tab or perhaps simply copy the lexical form into a word doc for a paper.


I understand that if I double click on a word in a text it will open up a parallel pane with a lexicon but that's not what I'm going for.

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Hold the shift key down and then when you move the mouse away ID won't change until you release the shift key.


Alternatively click and hold and you will get a pop up with the info in it.




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