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New Webinar Series Starts Tomorrow: Translation Notes on 2 Timothy

Abram K-J

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Join @Abram K-J (did I just tag myself? yes, I did) as he leads users through the Greek of 2 Timothy, the last recorded letter we have from the apostle Paul.


In this “Translation Notes” Webinar, Abram will guide attendees through a detailed look at lexical and grammatical features in the Greek of the book’s first seven verses. The language-based insights in this Webinar can be a precursor to teaching, preaching, leading a Bible study, and/or personal edification. The focus of this particular session is more on the Greek text and translation per se than on Accordance features, although we will be using Accordance for the whole hour.


Here's the handout, which will also be available during the Webinar. I haven't spent much time in 2 Timothy until now, and I'm loving it. 


Tomorrow (Friday, 1/21) at Noon Eastern. Free, but you need to register to join:



Translation Notes 2Tim 1.1-7 AKJ.pdf

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