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Windows 8.x and Accordance 13.1.7


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I have Accordance on two of my PCs and one uses Windows 8.something I think it's 8.1.


However the latest version of Accordance that will run on it is 13.1.7


Tech support has not been able to resolve the issue at this point I am growing weary of not being able to keep up with the latest Accordance levels.


Are others experiencing this or is it just me?


Are programmers even looking into this issue?



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I just learned the same thing from Tech Support this week.  They had me uninstall 13.3.2 and install v12 on my Win8.1 computer and v13.1.7 on my Win10 machines because I was getting frequent crashes on both.


Now with both older versions, I'm seeing notes requiring a higher version for various updates.  Live Click or Triple Click doesn't seem to work with the Lexicons very well either.


I'm spending about 4x more time trying to figure out how to do searches and display the resources I want than actually studying the Scripture.


I just bought Accordance to replace my 22-year old version of BibleWorks which won't run on my Win10 machine.  But Accordance has wasted so much of my time I'm on the verge of returning it for a refund and just using my old computer with BibleWorks.  Then maybe try Accordance again next year after they've had time to get it running.


Very disappointing experience.   I just want simple software that lets me dig into the text, not hundreds of non-language-related books and media.


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