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All Targumin crash immediately

Ingeborg Hartung

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Because an upgrade to Accordance 13 was offered for 20€, I booght it in order to make the Targumim work. I could now install them, but they all crash as soon as I point to the Aramaic text. Only the English translation seems to be stable. I can repeat the crash as often, as I open one of them. A report states:

Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 0:18:5:301 On: 27 of Nov, 2021  Mitteleuropäische Zeit

Accordance 13.3.2 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19041)
RAM: 3755MB free of 7888MB total
Disc: 118GB free of 223GB total

Message: Access violation
Address:   $00000000


A bit disappointing after buying it, looking forward to the tagged text, but tech is not always easy to work with.

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Another error I can produce to crash is "Der Text HMT-W4 ist momentan nicht verfügbar", i.e. the text HMT-W4 is momentarily not available.

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