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Improved Widget

Andrew Patterson

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I love the iOS Accordance app. It's awesome! I use it daily on my iPad for study and occasionally for preaching. However...its greatest weakness...the widget. It's a little sad, in my opinion.


It shows the daily reading and recently accessed texts/tools...and that's it. It is not a "full" widget. It's not even accessible outside the little widget tub. With the advent of i(Pad)OS 15, home screen widgets are becoming increasingly more valuable---and I wouldn't expect support for "tub" widgets to continue forever. 


I'd love to see the current widget updated a bit to be more useful. First, it should be home-screen-placeable; this would include additional sizes. Second, perhaps we can see some additional features? Since home screen widgets can be larger, maybe even displaying scriptures (in a selectable translation). I know y'all have a lot on y'all's plates, though, so I'd be satisfied with the former.


Anyone have any other ideas for useful new widget functions?

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completely agree with all of this. 

I would love to have the ability to add Accordance widgets to the Home Screen. Actually, Accordance is the only app I have left in the old widget sidebar... all other apps I use have been updated and are now placeable on the Home Screen.


Definitely +1 from me.


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I have this on our Feature Requests list to look into. Any feedback you want to share on what you want to see would be great!

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