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Accordance 13.3.2 for Windows Crashing Constantly

Jeffrey Benson

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Accordance is crashing very very frequently for me.


Most recently it is crashing every time I try to sync with my iOS device. My goal is to share my user notes and my highlights file with the iOS devices. During the sync process, after the texts and books synchronize, the app crashes as soon as it trys to sync the personal content (notes/highlights file).


I have restarted Accordance clearing the cache and even rebuilding (reinstalling) all the library content. 


The log file is not informative at all.


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 15:53:42:231 On: 17 of Nov, 2021  Eastern Standard Time

Accordance 13.3.2 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19043)
RAM: 2426MB free of 16122MB total
Disc: 220GB free of 458GB total

Message: Privileged instruction
Address:   $006E006F




Please help get Accordance stable for me, I made an investment here strategically to use it as my Bible Study platform and right now it is crashing so often it is not stable at all. It was crashing through several releases of updates but only after getting on 13.3.2 did I start to try to achieve mobile sync, and that crashes consistently and constantly. 


I even deleted My Notes file (because I haven't started using it yet) and it still crashes.


Attached are some of the log files zipped up so you can see a bunch of them.



Accordance Logs.zip

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It most likely is a corrupt file that is being synced that is causing the crashing.


Before trying to isolate corrupt user notes or files, you will always want to back up everything that you will be working on before beginning, so that if something goes wrong you haven’t lost anything. Make sure that you have backed up the computer version of your Accordance Files folder (located in Documents or in My Documents).


You can start isolating by syncing one category of user content at a time. For instance sync just User Notes first. If they all sync fine, then try another categories such a Highlights. When you isolate the category where the bad file is located, then you can sync the files from that category one at a time until you find the bad file. When you isolate the bad file you will need to find the most recent version of the file from before it was corrupted to replace the bad file.


Hopefully this will help.

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