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MT-ETCBC(-A) problem in 1 Samuel 8.3


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Hi all,


There seems to be a problem with the morphological tagging of the MT-ETCBC-A at 1 Samuel 8.3. The first 5 lexemes in the verse are fine, but then it goes off the rails. The next 7 lexemes that highlight come up with incorrect information, then the rest of the verse has no information at all.


Accordance, Lenovo Legion, Windows 10, latest MT-ETCBC-A (2.2).


BTW, I tried to use the 'Report a Correction' in the Help menu, but it didn't work. Is there an email address that I should use rather than posting here?




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This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next Accordance update. 



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Thanks, Jordan. I'll look forward to that update. :)


I actually came back here to say that I'm seeing something similar in other places where there's a ketib/qere, but I suspect that you've figured that out. Just in case, though, here are some other places I've seen it. (I'm working on a character study of Michal, so that's where I'm looking tonight.): 1 Sam 26.5, 7; 2 Sam 3.12, 15; 20.25; 21. 4, 6, 9, 12, 16; 1 Chr 15.24.


On the other hand, I checked Genesis 25.23, because I know there's a ketib/qere there, but it seems to be okay there.


I did, however, notice one other issue with the MT-ETCBC-A. Pronominal suffixes appear to be identified and grammatically tagged correctly, but they are being given glosses that don't make sense. So far, I see

  • 3rd masc sing ו - and [German: und]
  • 3rd masc sing הו - alas [German: oh, ach]
  • 3rd fem sing  ָה - be silent, keep silence [German: schweigen, sich still verhalten]
  • 1st comm pl נו - <uncertain> [German: <unklar>]

Thanks so much for what you're all doing. I'm sure this is frustrating.



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We've just released version 2.3 of MT-ETCBC-A that addresses these issues.

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6 hours ago, drmatt.thomas said:

@Mark Allison, Thanks. I just found and installed the update. Looks great!


Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. 

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