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Bug fixes over features


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Dear Accordance,


I have a request. I understand that this request represents my personal opinion and might not be shared by all. Here it is: I prefer bug fixes instead of features for the next iOS release. In fact, I would trade all features for a whole year just to fix primarily two bugs:


1) First, the copying bug where when copying text to Microsoft word, it does not follow the font of the existing text in word (as all other apps do and suppose to do). But it copies what is in accordance. Yes, there is a workaround. But it is a tedious one. 

2) Second, the switching bug where when you switch to word, then return to accordance, both panes jump back couple of verses and several paragraphs respectively.


If you use accordance in ipad on daily basis to copy text from accordance to word, switching so many times, you may understand how fixing these two bugs can be the greatest gift. And if other wonderful features were offered without fixing these two  bugs, I am sure these features will be greatly celebrated in such condition for such user


Now I fully understand that for others, this will not be applicable to them. And as thus, this represents my opinion, my experience, and my request. 

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My number one annoying bug on iOS is that if I copy a range of text starting or ending with a link, the text copied will often not include the whole linked text.

For example, if I copy this:


I only get “5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21”, without “Rom.”, even though it was selected. This is an almost daily annoyance.

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