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FFBruce Installing (Bug)


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I just purchased the https://accordancebible.com/product/f-f-bruce-and-kingsley-commentary-bundle-5-volumes/


1. I was not aware it was on the list to install in Easy Install. But I can be wrong here.


2. Interesting I see it in the Installed items (Search for: Kingsley)




3. But I don't see it in the Library. (All of them)



4. I don't it see even it in the Libray where it should.




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Kingsley is an imprint of F. F. Bruce, so a publisher search shows the latter and not Kingsley. However, maybe Kingsley could be added to the publisher field, too. 

@Mark Allison--what do you think?



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The interesting thing was. I installed the modules and they haven't come up in the library as all other items do. Second the covers are either different from the store to the library (another inconsistency I saw a few times this should not be!) or they are not there. This bothered me most.


It says it is 5 volumes. So at least 5 volumes which a similar cover should be there. 


If I search for "Epistle" as the books are named of 



One is under MODULNAME the other under MODULTITEL ...Please...


As nearly all is called "Commentary" in the library I guess to give the full name is more and more necessary.












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