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Trying to sync with Windows PC


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I selected the option to sync Accordance on my iPad and have the message "waiting for accordance".  However on the PC side, the "Sync with Mobile Device" option is greyed out.   Both computers are on the same network (the iPad on wireless and the PC via Ethernet).  


Any thoughts on how to get this enabled?


The help file doesn't seem to indicate anything special is required: Sync to Mobile Devices (accordancefiles2.com)

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In order to sync a Windows PC to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you must have ‘Bonjour’ installed on the Windows PC in order to communicate with the iOS devices.


‘Bonjour’ is Apple’s proprietary service which provides a connection that your iOS devices and the Windows PC (or Mac) can all use.


The easiest way to get Bonjour on a Windows PC is to install ‘iTunes’ on it. This will install Bonjour along with iTunes.


Restart your devices and they should be able to sync between a Windows PC and iOS devices now.



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I checked and do have iTunes installed (although I only run it about once a year to back up my wife's phone).  I checked the services in windows and do see the Bonjour service running.  I also updated to the latest version of itunes just to be sure and rebooted.


Is there anything else I can check?

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Do you have the latest version of Accordance 13.3.1  installed?

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Yes.. I just updated to that the other day.

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(Not sure if this thread needs to go to the Windows forum at this point)


I was finally able to start the process by doing two things.


1) Editing the Sync preferences to tell it to ask my how to sync when selecting from the tool bar.

2) Adding the sync button to the tool bar (this eliminates the need to access the greyed out menu option)


When I click on the toolbar icon, I am able to connect and select what I want to sync, but then the program crashes:


Accordance Crash Log
Crashed at: 5:34:47:983 On: 9 of Oct, 2021  Central Daylight Time

Accordance 13.3.1 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19042)
RAM: 8542MB free of 16334MB total
Disc: 707GB free of 931GB total

Message: Access violation
Address:   $0010C031


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Does anyone have any idea what this crash log is trying to tell me?


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I made some progress with this.  Apparently when they say you can sync over wifi, it means literally wifi and does not include ethernet on the same network.   When I unplug my ethernet cable, the option to sync gets enabled.  Unfortunately, it still crashes in a manner similar to what I have noted above.


It is a shame that although Accordance it such a good product overall that syncing is so problematic.  Between this issue and the ongoing issues with Dropbox sync, I have to spend a minimum of 30 minutes a week dealing with sync issues.

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