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NA28 Apparatus Print vs. Accordance


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In John 6.22 the print apparatus for the printed variant is shorter than the apparatus in Accordance. Is the Accordance addition an update? The specific variant is the insertion. Bellow is the Accordance version with the specific witnesses in questions underlined. 


⸆ εκεινο (- D 33 syh) εις ο ενεβησαν οι μαθηται αυτου (του Ιησου ℵ✱ Dc ƒ13 syc sa) ℵ✱ D(✱).c K Γ Δ Θ ƒ13 33. 700. 892. 1424 𝔐 a e sy sa ¦ txt 𝔓75 ℵ2 A B L N W Ψ 1. 565. 579. 1241 lat ly cw pbo bo →


The NA28 print reads: lat co

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I pulled the print copy off my shelf and can confirm there's a difference. However, I also looked at a competitor's module (don't ask), and the additional content in the apparatus is in theirs, too. 


This makes me certain that the digital text of the apparatus given to us by the publishers had the extra content in it, and it's not something we added.


However, one of two things could account for the discrepancy with the print version:

  1. An error was made in preparing the digital version before it was sent to digital publishers such as us and our competitors.
  2. An error was discovered after the physical copies were printed, and the additional mss mentions in digital copies are corrections.

I would hope for the second option 🙂 



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