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Help with Syntax search

Eric J. Tully

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I'm searching for verses in which למען introduces a final/result clause which is subordinate to the following clause. I know this is atypical. But I think the Holmstedt Syntax module is analyzing Ezek. 4:17 this way: 



Note the verb ונשמו in the predicate phrase following למען. I think this would be translated: "Because they lack food and water, they are appalled."


I set up a search using this as a model, but I'm not getting any hits.



Can anyone show me what I'm doing wrong?  Thank you!


Eric Tully

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Hi Eric,

generally, 1) you have to make sure you're using Hebrew Bible Tagged and not Biblia Hebraica module, 2) start by building things up from the smallest piece and run search every time you add another piece to see whether the verse in question is still being found.


I don't have an idea why you don't find it, but here is a construct which does find it.


I also would be interested to know why the verb isn't being found as a part of predicate phrase, although it is being marked as such.



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I've rerun the search as you've done it (that is according to syntax module), only changing the depth of the verb of the predicate phrase to 0, and you get Ez 4:17 as a single result in the whole Bible. I have no idea why I couldn't find it yesterday and now I could find it.


Even with some specificity removed, it remains the only result (see second screenshot). It's really atypical. 


So I think your problem is that you're running the search on the wrong Hebrew Bible module. 



Screenshot 2021-10-02 075950.png

Screenshot 2021-10-02 081138.png

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I did a quick search in my raw data and came up with these examples:

1 Sam 17:8b

Ezek 4:17 (already noted)

Ezek 16:63

Ezek 21:15 (2x)

Ps 31:4

Ps 69:19

Ps 143:11

Job 18:4


Not all these have a verb within the למען clause, but all do have the למען clause before the main verb. 

The fronting (for focus?) seems to be a fairly rare use of למען clauses. 


*oh, and I found a bracket error and a mis-tagging in Ezek 4.17 -- the למען clause is not a complement, but an adjunct. Incorrectly tagged as a complement resulted in it being a unique case in the Hebrew Bible. 


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Thank you. I ran a simplified version and also got the following (without verbs in the למען clause):


1 Ki. 15:4

Isa. 43:14

Isa. 48:9

Isa. 48:11

Ps. 25:11

Ps. 122:8


Are those correct?



And "Rokas," thank you for your help. I am using the correct Hebrew text (Biblia Hebraica) and it works for other syntax searches. But for some reason when I duplicate your searches exactly, I'm still not getting Ezek. 4:17. I don't really understand it.



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Eric - I didn't catch this follow-up. I apologize. 


Yes, I confirm that those are all correct. 

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