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Research bug in Accordance 13.2.1 (Lite)

marco pavan

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Good morning,


I am experiencing after the last update a strange bug. When I enter the Hebrew text in the Search bar it is showed

in reverse order. Moreover, if I try to specify the morphology of the lexeme I am looking for the program send me a

message like: «there are no verses that correspond to your query» (or alike – I am using the Italian version). This is

message is clearly a mistake since it show up for every kind of query.

How is it possible to fix this unpleasant bug?

Thank you very much!

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Hi Marco,


It might help if you could post a screenshot of the problems you're seeing. It's possible that neither of those are bugs, actually. If you set Research to search for Hebrew, it will assume you're entering text from right to left. The program is also designed to treat original language entries as lexemes. If you're searching for an inflected form, you need to put it in quotes. The screenshot below is from a regular search tab but Research works the same way. Since there are no lexemes corresponding to the inflected form you typed in, the program is correctly telling you that it can't find anything. 


You might also try rebuilding the research cache: open preferences and go to Reading/Research on the left, then click Rebuild Research Cache. 


Hope that helps! Please let me know if I've misunderstood your post. 




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Hi Jonathan!


Thank you for your quick and kind reply!


Here is the «bug» I referred to in my message. Whenever I type the Hebrew lexeme in the Research bar it appears written in reverse order. I think

the screenshot might help to understand my issue (see the first two word of the drop-down menu).




At the same time, whenever I try to search for an inflected form using the tags the program gives me the same message, like that:




It is clear that this is an error, since the verb אהב («to love»), without further specification, is used several time in the OT and in the Psalm in particular

(I defined the range of my research using the menu on the left). [the Italian text says: «in the selected range of the text “Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Tagged” there are no verses that correspond to the researched lexeme»].


Hope this can help you to understand my point!


Thank you very much!








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