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Quick Entry switching from Verses search to Word search automatically.


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This issue occurs both in the NAS95S and in the HMT-W4. 


See the attached images. Between images 2 and 3 and between 4 and 5 I hit enter on my keyboard. The way Accordance used to (and should) behave is that since “Proverbs” was selected from the Quick Entry menu under the category “BOOKS” (which title is now missing from where it used to be, BTW), Accordance should run a “Verses” search even if the search option “Words” was selected and find the book of Proverbs. Whatever is selected in the Quick Entry menu should override the selected search option (Words/Flex or Verses). Now, it seems that even when “Proverbs” is selected from the “BOOKS” list in the Quick Entry menu, a word is searched for instead.


Incidentally, I learned a new Hebrew word that I had never learned before!image1.thumb.png.b6eec90ad87d32e1c694629f37dbfe34.pngimage2.thumb.png.495d8287104a1f66c2796cdb5bad5fd7.pngimage3.thumb.png.d04d56708d1522ca074783b513798c43.pngimage4.thumb.png.9e3a2bafd65cb1f907f80c944cec4b57.pngimage5.thumb.png.60d72c17248f5352ee0382140d154d19.png


Just to be sure, I just updated to the most recent update 13.2.1 and to the most recent version of the HMT-W4 (2.0).

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This bug is reported before and I have it too. I'm sure a fix is coming.

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