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Using the Info Panel options.


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My interest is in the varied form of NT Greek.


Say I have the NA28 GNT open and ESVs in parallel and the info pane open.

In the Info Pane, I am interested in Parallel Passages and the sub-item - Parallel Gospels (Aland).

What If.?

What if "Parallel Gospels" was selectable so that the gospel references shown would automatically display under a new tab side by side in NA28 GNT. Such a display could be limited to a max of four panels (that would be OK here because there are four gospels)


Is it possible to do something like this now.?

Or am I lazy.

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Bible software is intended to make us lazy about some things so that we can be busier with other things! :)

But there already is a lazier way than going through the Info Pane.

  • Highlight the verse reference in question
  • Click on the Amplify icon in the toolbar at top > Parallels > Gospel Parallels (Aland)
  • Parallels should open in a new pane at the desired verse

Personally, I'd be lazier and wish that I could access the Parallels via a right click on a verse reference.

Also remember to go into Edit > Preferences > Parallel Tabs and set up the defaults that you want (including # of panes)

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I thought Accordance was supposed to make you work harder. I know I certainly do with everything I am able to discover. :) But maybe that's just me...

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I have version 13...

In Luke 3.1 there are a number of references from all four gospels.


When you say highlight a verse reference, I'm not sure how to highlight a reference ? 

If I left click on any of the references for a particular gospel, a single pane opens with those refs displayed. I did not need to use amplify. But it is only one pane. 


I have set the parallel tab preferences with 4 panes in Gospels Parallel(Aland) and played around with the other settings.

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This works and could be useful study tool.


I have ESVs open (plus the info pane), looking at Luke 3.1.

At that point in Luke, the Info Pane under Parallel Passages, shows in Gospel Parallels(Aland), a series of references to "John the Baptist" at that point of his ministry and the references are across the 4 gospels.

Scrolling further on in Luke, at Luke 3.2 a further set of references appear in Gospel Parallels(Aland), under "Ministry in Galilee".

At this point, right click on 3.2 and in the drop down go to Highlight>important. This highlights the verse.

Now choose Amplify and in the drop down choose Parallels>Gospel Parallels(Aland).

A four panel display opens and at the top right, is a box which allows choosing either set of references for Gospel Parallels(Aland) which are alive at Luke 3.2.


Thanks to those who input.


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