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Search bug in 13.2


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It is explained here.

I was able to repro it.




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Hello @Silas Marrs


This bug is still there in 13.3.1


For me there is a bug in 1319158651_Bildschirmfoto2021-10-17um09_45_21.png.62d807a760aefa7863833fcb4b71b9b7.png


The "Books" in the menu is missing. This was there in earlier versions as it worked perfect. Now it is missing, and since then this feature isn't working correct anymore.

(BTW. the image is manipulated)


Original looks:



And then by press return it goes to words "Dan"  instead of book "Dan". 




Thanks for the fix in the next release. 




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As you still can see the "BOOK" is not showing. 


So if type "Song" the blue is where the books section is and press enter it comes:





It changes to the word "Song".


I reported this on 17. July.

!!!  FIX Your Bugs  !!!

Before you release 14, and there are dozens....

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