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Accordance Mac Not Seeing Accordance Files Folder

Nathan Parker

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When I started Accordance for mac up today, I received an error message saying it cannot find my Accordance Files folder.


I then point it to my Accordance Files folder, and it throws another error message saying to choose the folder that contains the Accordance Files folder.


The other strange issue us most of my folders have disappeared from my Finder's sidebar, and when I try to re-add them in Finder preferences, they simply aren't adding.


The only main change I've made to my Mac is I installed VMware Fusion so I could run Windows on my Mac. The only folder I'm sharing with Windows though is the Downloads folder.


I'm going to try running Repair Disk and reboot my Mac and see what happens as well, but if anyone else has other suggestions, that'd be great.






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Rebooting worked. I'm back in. That was easy!

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