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Remove multiple dialogs when attempting to access a module you do not own


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I was using Accordance 13.1.5 and ran across a series of dialogs that while I understand what they say, the series is overkill and I imagine most, if not all users would  agree that tis series is not desired.
For example:  I do not have access to the Gospel of Thomas text via an Accordance module yet.  But as I had a hyperlink to it in one of my commentaries, I clicked to see what would happen.  Well, here is what I saw:  
DIALOG BOX:  The text "AGOSP-E" is not currently available to Accordance"  with only an OK button.
I know AGOSP-E is available to Accordance, so I assume this means it not available to my application, and clicked OK.   Then I got:
DIALOG BOX:  The text "Apocryphal Gospels English" is not currently installed.
                         Please view our website for a preview of the module
                        and purchase information"  
      This dialog box two buttons:  1)  Continue    2) Go to Website
I guess this is helpful, but maybe this should have been the first dialog, replacing the first dialog I saw when I did not own a module.
I was not interested in purchasing this text module at this time, so I clicked “Continue” and then got this dialog:
DIALOG:  "This hyperlink cannot be shown because
                 the module "Apocryphal Gospels English" is
                not installed."
       This dialog had two buttons:  1)  Cancel and 2) Go to Website
Well — this is not needed given the first two — albeit this one spelled out the name of the text module I would need and not its abbreviated reference as the first dialogue had done.
Hence — while marginally informative, it was essential a time delay to what I was doing in Accordance.
I clicked cancel and was back where I had initially clicked on the hyperlink to the Gospel of Thomas.
I would have been happy if the first dialog’s OK button had done that, as well as if the second’s dialog “Continue” button had done so.
Personally I would like to see only the second dialog, as is, or maybe change “Continue” to “Return to Accordance” as I was not sure what I was continuing to do.
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