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I'm quite new to Accordance and my apologies if my question has been asked previously or in a different section.


I've been using Olive Tree on my iPad as my go-to Bible software.  It's quite easy for me to find my reading history.  It's laid out chronologically and with a day stamp.  I can see all that I read today, yesterday, the day before, and so on.  I've been having difficulty trying to discover my reading history in Accordance on my iPad. 


I tend to read straight through books of scripture as part of my bedtime reading but in the daytime, if I'm reading other books that reference a scripture verse, I tend to look that verse up.  And so if I've looked up 30 scripture verses in a day, I'm no longer where I need to be in my nightly reading.  How can I best can I find my place and return to where I left off reading last night?


I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance,



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Hi Nicholas,

Not sure if there are better methods, but what I do is to bookmark the location that I am up to in a resource.

Then in the library there is a section called “My Bookmarks” that displays all your bookmarks across the resources that you have. I find that a good way to jump back to a location.

At the end of the next reading, i would bookmark the new location and delete the previous bookmark.


Hope that helps




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