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εἶδον Greek dictionary lookup

A.D. Riddle

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When I triple-click on εἶδεν in Mark 1:10, Accordance searches for ὁράω in BDAG. Note however that BDAG has a separate entry for εἶδον. Seems like the Look Up feature should search for this entry instead of ὁράω.



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Interesting. I see your point but I expect it is using the lexical form tagged to this occurrence. So it would have to be retagged I would guess. But in context it seems that the word is acting as the aorist of ὀράω, so the tagging is, in that sense at least, defensible. If however the tag were changed οἴδω (not attested it seems) or οἴδομαι would also be choices. εἶδον is a strange lexical entry being listed under the aorist. LSJ takes the approach of listing it under *εἶδω and noting εἶδον as the 2 aor. So I am not sure precisely how it ought to be tagged and then looked up. Both LSJ and BDAG cross-reference each word to the other so it can be found.


Strictly speaking we have the same issue with λέγω/εἶπον,ἔπω




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