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Define Ranges with different texts


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The define ranges search condition is a great feature, but it is also a problematic feature to use for anyone who deals with more than just the Protestant Bible in the Protestant Bible order.


When defining a range, the “Use book order in:” allows us to select which text is the basis for different ranges that are defined and saved as a list. The problem is that the “Use book order in:” stays the same for each search different search range. 


If I want to define a range for the LXX and I change the “Use book order in:” to LXX Rahlf's Tagged and I define some book order, that book order will only be valid as long as I leave “Use book order in:” to LXX Ralhf's Tagged. If I add a different range based on the order of the books in the HMT-W4 or based on the order of the Protestant Bible (say, the ESV), all of a sudden my range that I built specifically for the LXX either has lost some books because of the differing word order, or it no longer works at all because there are books in the LXX that don't occur in the Bible or in the HMT-W4.


I hope someone is tracking with me. 


The feature request is merely that the “Use book order in:” would be specific for each defined range. 


Say I name a range “LXX w/o Pentateuch” and I define it as Josh-Bel, and I obviously “Use book order in:” the LXX Rahlf's Ragged. 

Then, I name a range “כתובים” and I define it as Psa-2Chr, and I obviously “Use book order in:” the HMT-W4.

All of a sudden, the book order I established for “LXX w/o Pentateuch” no longer works because the book order is different and because Bel is not in the Tanakh!

The “Define Ranges” dialogue box should remember the different texts used to establish the book order for each of these two ranges.

I understand that if I use the NRSV, I could make all of this work the way I want to, but it would be a headache, because I would be defining a range in the Hebrew Tanakh, such as the Writings, using the book order of the NRSV. More than that, defining a range applies to texts in Accordance other than the Bible. There also is Josephus, Philo, non-Biblical DSS, etc. For each of these, the define range search condition would have to be manually changed to establish a desired range, and then changed back when I need to use it for a Biblical text.

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