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Switching desktops brings a different workspace to the fore

Λύχνις Δαν

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Hi ya,


  Acc 13

  Win 10


  I use Win 10 multiple desktop support. I also use multiple workspaces in Acc. Now if I have several workspaces open (in the same desktop) and then switch to another desktop and then come back Accordance brings a different one to the front. It is consistently the same one which makes me think it's remembering the first workspace opened or something like that. But if I am switching away to check something related to the current ws and then want to come back and continue it is a hassle to then have to go and select the right ws again. This is particularly problematic when I am creating, as I just was, a post to this forum with info from the current ws and each time I go back to get something else I have to switch back.


  Could Acc remember the front most workspace in the desktop so that it could restore the right one when I come back ?


  This might be extended to remember it for each desktop that has Acc workspaces open though I don't do that myself, at least not right now.




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