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Hover and highlighting sometimes off for NA-28 due to spacing for Accordance 13


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When using accordance 13 on Windows 10, I have noticed that when hovering over words in NA-28, the hovering is off by a certain amount, apparently due to the program not taking into account the spacing between the end of the reference (ie, in the example below, Heb. 2:5) and the text itself. In other words, it seems that Accordance is acting as if the space does not exist, so hovering highlights the wrong pixels. 


The same behavior affects highlighting text to copy and paste. The wrong letters get copied. E.g., Copying the text "Οὐ γὰρ ἀγγέλοις" returns "ὰρ ἀγγέλοις ὑπέ":




I never noticed this before upgrading to Accordance 13. 


Below I give examples for the first three words of Hebrews 2:5 to demonstrate what I mean. Notice that the highlighted area is the correct size for the word, but is simply in the wrong location (so when ἀγγέλοις is highlighted, it is larger than for ου or γαρ). 








Also note that this does not always happen for the NA 28, but only certain passages, but is affecting Hebrews. E.g., compare Heb 2.5 and Matt 1.1






This error is also happening with NA 28 with Sigla, but does not happen with GNT-T (ie NA 27):










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Hmm.... I can't reproduce the issue on my Win10 system.

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I am also unable to reproduce this. Heb 2:5 in the NA-28 seems normal to me. 

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Hmm.... I can't reproduce the issue on my Win10 system.

Hmm...that's interesting. Would one of you be willing to send a screenshot? 


I wonder if the difference lies in display settings. I just checked, and  if reference is "above verse" or book title is not abbreviated, then the bug  does not appear


Above verse:



Not abbreviated title:


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