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Background bug with instant details and Pocket Hebrew

Jonathan Boyd

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When I have Accordance in the background with the instant details pane visible then sometimes when I'm working in another app an alert dialogue pops up in Accordance saying 'The text “Pocket Hebrew” is not currently available to Accordance.' I don't own that module and I can't see any settings in preferences that refer to it.

It seems to happen when the cursor is over a word that brings something up in instant details and I'm pressing cmd-opt-shift (and sometimes cmd-shift). Though it doesn't always happen. I notice it most often when I've copied something in Accordance and am pasting it into Pages to match style using cmd-opt-shift-v. It only seems to happen with tagged texts.
Normally I have instant details as a pane on the bottom of the workspace. If I make it a floating window the the bug still happens, but the instant details window disappears when I switch back to Accordance.
I'm running Accordance 13.1.5 (13.1.5) on MacOS 10.16.0, but the problems has been happening for quite a while.
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Can you post a screenshot of this preference page?





Also, if “Override Key Number Dictionaries” is turned off, try turning it on and set it to a dictionary you know you have, and see if that fixes the problem.  Or if it's on, see what turning it off does.

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Here is the screenshot. I've also included the options that appear when I click on the pop up menus for 'Hebrew' and 'Hebrew Key Number'.


'Override Key Number Dictionaries' was turned on. Turning it off doesn't fix anything.Turning it back on doesn't fix it either. I also tried changing both 'Hebrew' and 'Hebrew Key Number' to 'HALOT', but that didn't fix it.


The problem happens when Accordance is in the foreground as well, but I guess I've not really noticed it before because I don't think I ever hold down that key combination when I'm in Accordance.


It's only happening with Old Testament portions of tagged texts.





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Sorry for the slow reply, was off for the holidays. 


I'm still trying to determine why this would happen.  I'll send you a private message with some more info I need, and my email address.

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