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External Monitor problems


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I've just bought an Accordance license, but I'm having trouble with my external monitor. Can you please help?


1. When I moved a window to my large monitor (JVL CTV, resolution 4096 x 2160) and set it to full-screen, it blacked out the content of the window. [i originally included a screenshot but the image was removed by the Forum software, with the message "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" - likewise with the following 2 screenshots]


2. When I toggled it out of full-screen (rectangle/square icon next to the 'x' in the top-right corner) and resize the window, I get a mess of menubars with the text missing. [screenshot removed by Forum software]


There were other issues as well, but these are not always reproducible. For example, I highlighted "matt 17" and typed "Phil 3" over it. The "Phil 3" text didn't show up. Instead, the old "matt 17" text remained, overlaid with several vertical lines. [screenshot removed by Forum software]


These were done after installing Accordance, adding my purchased modules, and then restarting my PC (Win 10).


How can I get Accordance to work with this monitor?

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Which edge of your primary monitor do you move your mouse to to get it to the external monitor?  (i.e. Left, Right, Top, Bottom)


I'm trying to reproduce your setup so I can hopefully reproduce and fix the bug.

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Hi Silas,


Thanks for replying.



Monitor 1: about 40", located at the left.

Monitor 2: about 21", located at the upper right.

Monitor 3: internal monitor of Lenovo notebook, located at the lower right.


Preliminary step: maximise the Accordance window in monitor 2 by bumping it against the top of monitor 2.



1. Close Accordance. This serves as a reset state.

2. Open Accordance. Window appears full-screen on monitor 2. Contents ok.

3. Pull window off full screen using the title bar. Contents ok.

4. Move window across monitor 2's bottom edge to monitor 3. Contents ok.

5. Bump the window against the top edge of monitor 3 - full screen, contents ok.

6. Play with window (full screen or windowed) repeatedly on monitors 2 & 3 - contents ok.

7. Move window across either monitor 2 or monitor 3's left edge to monitor 1. Contents ok.

8. Maximise window by bumping it against the top edge of monitor 1. Contents black.

9. Pull window off full screen. Some text remains, along with remnants of the frames (usually vertical sliders, but sometimes some artefacts such as 'x' close-tab controls).

10. Move window to monitor 2, set to full screen; move across monitors 2 & 3. Contents degrade: the text might disappear altogether, more artefacts appear - usually vertical sliders.

11. Maximise window in monitor 2, go back to step 1 (close Accordance, etc). This bug is repeatable.


I've also found that after step 7, if I increase the window size repeatedly on monitor 1, there seems to be a threshold below which the window is fine, but beyond which the window will start showing artefacts like those in step 8 or in steps 9 and 10. I don't know whether it is the number of resizes or whether it is the absolute window size. When resizing this way on monitor 1, sometimes the window will turn black for awhile before revealing the window contents. Once the window gets messed up, though, I haven't been able to get it back without closing Accordance. On one attempt, after bringing the window back to monitor 2 for the preliminary step, it took 2 cycles of steps 1 and 2 before the window contents appeared properly again at step 2.

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Silas suggested switching my primary monitor.

There was also a Windows Update notification either yesterday or earlier today (probably after the initial bug report, but I don't know when Windows started downloading the update).


After switching the primary monitor to the large monitor but before restarting to do the Windows Update, Accordance displayed properly on the large monitor.

It continued to function properly after restarting, and seems to be working well on the large monitor, regardless of which monitor is designated as the primary monitor.


Thanks Silas! I consider this bug report to be resolved.

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