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A Year in Review


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At this time last year, I first became an Accordance user. Since then, I can say without a doubt that it was a great decision and has greatly enhanced my understanding of the scriptures.


I’ve tried other competitor softwares and there’s just no comparison, especially in regards to the interface and the overall power of the software. The software is second to none when used on a desktop/laptop, and especially on an iPad.


Even though the competitors may have a larger product selection to choose from, I personally value quality over quantity. Over the past year, I’ve fortunately been able to build a vast library of quality resources through various weekly sales. I prefer this option because I know I’ll actually utilize the resources that I purchase instead of having hundreds of resources that I don’t want nor need.


I say all this to say, that if you’re on the fence in regards to going with Accordance or another Bible software program, I can say with complete confidence that Accordance is simply the best. No one asked me to say this but I just felt I should pass this testimonial along because of just how much my life has been blessed through this software over the past year. I want others who have a passion for the Word to experience the same thing.


God bless.

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Nice report.


My view is that unless one is into broad theological research and you need a huge seminary type library to draw from, the vast majority of people do not use the bulk of materials included in some Bible programs these days.  There is an allure in some Bible software marketing that if you have thousands of books in your library, you are going to know your Bible really well.  To the contrary, I think people get lost in the sea of materials and over time their interest drops.  I suggest less is more, and regardless of your library size, don't lose sight of the text.  Obtain, get to thoroughly know and use the best of quality resources to facilitate your study of the Bible.


In addition, software design is adding so many features, that much like the progression of word processors like Word, most users know and only use a small fraction of the power features.  Again, some marketing out there tends to deliver a story that if you have all these tools and databases, you are going to know the Bible really well.  Don't get me wrong, I love to play with these tools and use them from time to time to do things that I didn't even dream of, but by in large the fundamentals of Bible study are still the same and to some degree, some power features can start to be distractions, getting in the way.  If you get lost using these tools, you can lose sight of why you have a Bible software program.


I'm a bit of a purist so often I use my Bible programs with my paper Bible open to the main passage of scriptures I am studying, to keep me focused. I do have a huge library from my formal studies in another product which I still frequently go to and very much enjoy for a number of reasons, but these days I start with and mainly use Accordance. Accordance works well with my head, particularly in exegesis and helps me focus on why I have a Bible program... to study the Bible.  


Glad you are enjoying Accordance. It has added a lot of value to my studies as well.

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I value my Libraries in all three of the Bible programs I use and indeed one  has a much larger library than the other two. That said Accordance contains all the resources I think are needed for a well rounded library. I would be very upset if the largest one went out of business since I have many books i use daily there  but I have all i truly need and most of what I want in Accordance (there are several items that are only in the competition because they had it first or it was part of a larger collection I own).




PS: Accordance also has a few items they do not have and for whatever reasons likely never will.

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