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I'm a recent switcher, but I'm running Fusion for some things required for work (SQL Server, etc.). I'm a longtime Bibleworks user, so I've had BW loaded in the VM, which is running fine.


However, now that a BW upgrade is out, I thought it was time to see whether I want to continue to do my Bible work on the PC side or move over to the Mac side. So, I need some advice on the cheapest/best way to buy in Accordance what I have in BW.


In BW, I have and use pretty much all the time:

English Bibles -- NASB, NLTse, KJV, NET, NIV, Message, ESV

Original Language -- WTT (their version of BHS), GNT (NA27), BGT (NA27 and Greek OT)

Resources -- BDAG, HALOT, TWOT, Liddle-Scott, Louw-Nida, BDB, and several others

Maps -- they have a pretty good maps program

I also use a couple of Spanish Bibles sporadically (I'm trying to learn Spanish) that I would like to have. Of course, BW has another 20+ English bibles available that I occasionally reference, but wouldn't be too upset if I didn't have those.


So, is it better to start with English and add the original languages, or start with the original languages and add the English? And how do I add up how much it's going to be? (Having a hard-copy of BDAG, and having purchased another copy for BW, I'm really not excited about buying yet another copy for Accordance and a second copy of HALOT.)


Thanks for your assistance!

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One question for you to consider, since you are trying to decide between BW and Accordance, is if you want to get everything on your list in Accordance right away, or if you want to start a little smaller while you evaluate Accordance.


If the latter, and working on the assumption that you do a fair amount of work with the original languages, this is what I would suggest:


Scholar's Standard: $249

This would get you the following things from your list:



plus two more English Bible unlocks




BDB (abridged)


As well as a host of other resources


The LXX can be purchased separately for $89. Or, you could opt for the Scholar's Premier for $349 instead of Scholar's Standard. The Scholar's Premier includes the LXX (Rahlfs), Brenton's English LXX, a few other additional resources, and one more English Bible unlock.


You could opt for the Atlas Sampler ($20) to try out the Atlas module, and upgrade to the full Atlas at a later date ($89, or $69 if you purchased the Atlas Sampler first).


I understand your hesitancy about BDAG and HALOT. I held out for a long time before purchasing them. I had BDAG in print, but I must confess I rarely if ever broke it out. These two resources are offered individually or as a bundle. The bundle is $249. Some publishers have agreed to offer cross-grade discounts when switching Bible software programs, but I don't know if this is the case for BDAG or HALOT.


Liddell and Scott (an intermediate abridged version) is $60.


Make sure to check and see if you are eligible for any discounts (student, full time pastor, etc.). It's also a good idea to talk directly with the Oak Tree sales staff about your needs. They know their products inside and out, and are interested in getting you the best combination for your needs, not in pushing you to purchase more.



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That's a good question. I agree that Scholar's Premier is probably best, especially if you work with LXX and desire a number of English Bibles. If you want the exact same modules there is no real way of getting around the price that I know of besides the BDAG/HALOT bundle already mentioned. Another problem is that I believe the BW Liddel-Scott is the full version which is not yet available for Accordance (though it is in the pipeline to the best of my knowledge.)


It seems like the real question is how badly you want to work with a true OS X program in the future or continue to run in Fusion. Aside from being a Mac app there are a lot of specific Accordance UI features that you will gain which are not available in BibleWorks. At the same time, you will have to make a significant investment to switch over with equivalent modules.


I looked at both before I went with Accordance, mostly because it is a Mac program and I have no intention of switching to a PC anytime in the future. I have nothing but good things to say about the program and the company. They have always been very helpful and responsive. Aside from those few modules which are included with BW that I have had to pay extra for in Accordance (Jouon-Muraoka, Wallace), most of the things BW offers that Accordance doesn't aren't things I would use anyway so I don't consider them advantages. If the things you listed are most important to you and most are available in Accordance, then I think it comes down to whether you bought a Mac to run PC software :).

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... I have nothing but good things to say about the program and the company. They have always been very helpful and responsive.

Yes, I've heard nothing but good things about Oak Tree, most of it from Bibleworks. :) Michael thinks highly of them, and since I think highly of him, I'm investigating spending money on things I already own.


If the things you listed are most important to you and most are available in Accordance, then I think it comes down to whether you bought a Mac to run PC software :).

Well, that's part of the issue, but the bigger part is what's the best stewardship for my dollars. It would be pretty silly of me (at the least) to buy three physical copies of the same book for my bookshelf, especially when that book cost $125+. I consider it equally silly to buy three copies of the same book, even when two of them are electronic. The biggest problem with the Bible software industry is no one's willing to pay the price to standardize the format of the books (STEP didn't make it, for whatever reason), so that we only have to buy an electronic book once.


But I digress, and that's not the discussion I really came here to have. :) Thank you both for your input, and I'm going to look further into the Scholar's and see what it will ultimately cost to put together what I have (and use) in BW. If someone from Oak Tree has any insight, I'd welcome that as well. Thanks again!

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I thought that Lorinda answered so well that I saw no need to weigh in on the discussion.


We do offer a crossgrade for HALOT as well as for several other modules, but we are dependent on the publisher's agreement for these.


You are actually buying another copy, and we are required to charge for it and pay royalties again. The reason that each software uses different formats relates to the way the software engines are built. If we all shared common modules, these would function on a lowest common denominator level, and for us this is simply not acceptable.


Please call the office or write to us directly once you have an idea what you want to start with, and we will advise you on the best price and package. We never penalize you for starting small and growing at your own base.

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