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Update! Accordance 13.1.4 (Win/Mac)

R. Mansfield

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Accordance v. 13.1.4 is now available for Windows & macOS users. This is a free update for any Accordance 13 users. Access the update from "Check for App Update" in the Accordance menu (macOS) or the Utilities menu (Windows).



  • Added support for the Greek Crasis in the Construct tab palette.
  • In the Greek Construct tab palette, the Verb item is now double width to keep the tag columns equal length and because the Verb is most frequently used.
  • Added key command Cmd/Ctrl-L to put focus to the Web Browser’s URL entry field, like many modern browsers.
  • Reverted a previous change where sin/shin marks were stripped during export if the user had selected “Vowels & Cantillation”. This should only be true when “All Mark” is selected.
  • Tutorials and Expanded Timeline have been Localized for Spanish and Korean.
  • Updated to new Analytics and Crash reporting tools.
  • Updated help for 13.1.4.
Amplify to Construct Fixes 
  • Several Holmstedt Syntax database issues, mainly related to proper building of compound forms and null forms.
  • Improved handling of Holmstedt Syntax database consecutive nulls.
  • When a text selection crosses sentence boundaries.
Construct Searching Fixes 
  • In the Construct tab with the Search Both Directions checkbox enabled, fixed a searching issue within a phrase or clause in which the column depths are not the same within that phrase or clause.
  • Several problems related to searching a Construct tab with either nulls or compound forms, mainly for the Holmstedt Syntax database.
  • Searching the ETCBC Syntax database when including a subphrase in the Construct tab.
Tutorial Fixes 
  • Where a Tutorial step initiates a progress bar and it was possible to click the "Do It For Me" button to initiate the same action again, which in some cases would cause a crash. 
  • Tutorial steps that cause a progress bar could cause the Tutorial to get out of sync. Now the continue button will not be clickable until all progress bars have closed.
  • Crash when exiting a Tutorial during a step that caused a progress bar. Now exiting a Tutorial stops any active progress bars.
  • Crash that could occur when attempting to open a differences tab during a Tutorial. 
Miscellaneous Fixes 
  • The text search will now work properly when there is any term connected with the @ sign to a character search term (a letter preceded by a period).
  • When using Goto/navigating to certain verses in an out-of-order sequence.
  • Where Modules couldn’t be opened in Parallel to other Modules if their name and abbreviated name were the same characters with different capitalization. 
  • A search for a single verse while showing a Parallel Text could sometimes fail. This would only happen if showing all context, and if scrolled to a verse that is present in the main pane but missing in the parallel pane. 
  • Where the highlighting of compared Text panes would not print. 
  • Where User Items added to the Timeline could overlap if there were many in the same subregion in the same time period. 
  • Issue that was causing the “World” region to always be drawn at max height. 
  • Where imported User Notes files would offset styles in some cases. 
  • Easy Install issue that incorrectly limited the availability of new modules.
  • Where toggling a category checkbox in the Wifi Sync dialog didn’t update its subitems.
  • Crash that would occur when clicking Copy to Clipboard button in the Stack. 
  • Crash that could occur when hitting enter in the Goto box if it was empty.
  • Crash that could occur if there was an error while opening a Construct from a saved workspace.
  • Crash that could happen in the Atlas if a region name was selected when switching to a region set with fewer regions.
Mac specific fixes
  • macOS Catalina drawing bug in the Check for Updates details text that skipped double-line breaks.
  • Improved gradient drawing on macOS Big Sur. 
  • Corrected the incoming height calculation of imported RTF text.
  • Certain error messages were not blocking keyboard shortcut interaction while they were open. 
  • Crash that could occur when attempting to show a “Search had no results” message after a TEXT command search.
Windows specific fixes
  • Significantly improved Paratext/SantaFe sync scrolling.
  • Deleting an item from the Info Pane Toolset on windows would delete the top item in the list instead.
  • Where “NTL-1&2Peter, Jude” could not be opened in parallel to a text. 
  • Where the "Save Selection as Picture" could have the options from the "Save Text Selection" menu, or vice versa. 
  • The Research toolbar item displayed the wrong icon in the toolbar customization dialog.
  • Improved Direct2D handling in some dialogs.
  • Potential crash when getting instant details for User Notes.
  • Possible crash on startup related to Direct2D.
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