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Highlights are "bleeding" when I try to Print Selection


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I'm running Accordance 13.1.3 on Windows 10 x64 on a Dell Latitude E6540. 


I am preparing a Bible lesson, and in the course of preparation highlighted several key words in Accordance in my NA-28 GNT. Now I want to export that passage with the highlights to Word, or some other word processor, but I cannot figure out any way to do so! 


I finally thought I had the solution when I found the "print selection" command. So I selected the passage (1 John 3), right-click, and select "print selection" and print to a PDF file. But the highlights get ALL messed up! See the attached screenshot. 


How do I export a passage with highlights to get it out of Accordance? If Print to PDF would work properly, I'd be all set. But as it is, the results are unusable. :( Help!! 



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