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Jumping Psalms when re-entering Accordance


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Good morning. Accordance for Android is wonderful. Thank you for all of your work on it.

One bug I am recently encountering is this: I am on Android 10 on a pixel 4 btw. I will be reading with a parallel text pane- BHS tagged on the top, ESVi on the bottom. I will be in an early Psalm (say, psalm 4 or 5 or 17), and when I come back to open Accordance the next day, it will open up to Psalm 89 (mid chapter) or Psalm 128, instead of opening to where I was reading previously.


I can live with this. I generally remember where I had been reading before, but I don't think the program was designed to work this way. If there is anything I can do to demonstrate the problem, please let me know.


Thanks again for all of your work.

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I tried today on the latest version and it is easy to repro.


Open HMT

Open ESVi in parallel - linked for scrolling

go to Pslams - I used Psalms 4

Scroll forward a bit maybe into 5 or 6

close the app

reopen the app  I was at Psalm 78:9


If I however only open the HMT with nothing in parallel then I get back to Psalm 5:5 as expected.


So perhaps it relates to having a parallel pane open




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