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Hi there. Can help me with the word usage function on Accordance. Before I got Accordance, I used StepBible to do some work in the original languages. With StepBible, you can click on a word and it will give you a list of the occurances. It's also very easy to see the occurances in the original language + English side by side. I've attached a screenshot so you can see what I mean. 


Is it possible to replicate this in Accordance? In Accordance, when I click on e.g. a Hebrew word it brings up the occurances in the original language, but I can't find a way to interleave this list with English translations side by side. Any ideas?


Thanks very much!



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No one answered this? I worked on the STEP bible for a while in 2014-2015. I'm out of touch with Accord. When version 10 was announced I decided to stay at 9.6. I was unable to find your STEP screen capture and looking at Genesis in OHB it is hard to recreate the scenario from your description. Accord has more features than any mortal needs. I am confident there is a workaround the will meet your requirements. It will not look just like STEP which is good. STEP isn't intended to mimic Accordance. The first problem is getting a clear idea of what you want to do.


Edit: I think you're talking about how STEP highlights the occurrences of a word when you hover over it with the curser in a side by side Hebrew/English or Greek/English display. Both the original language word and the translation equivalent are highlighted every where the word appears in the text currently displayed. Some one who knows Accord 13 will need to answer this. Meanwhile you might want to explore the interlinear options in Accord. 

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