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Accordance 13 Crashes on Startup (since April!)


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I am running programs on a brisk Windows 10 machine and upgraded from Accordance 12 to 13 back in April. Accordance 13 has never opened once, and crashes on startup. 




Unable to initialize Direct2D Factory (0x80070043)






Accordance Crash Log

Crashed at: 11:7:22:587 On: 6 of Aug, 2020  Eastern Daylight Time

Unknown Windows Version (0.0.0)

RAM: 3442MB free of 8087MB total

Disc: 866GB free of 931GB total

Accordance 13.1.3 (



Message: Access violation

Address:   $00453282










I contacted support in April and received this reply:


Accordance 13 is accessing the newest Direct X technology in the Windows 10 operating system, while Accordance 12 did not. This is where the issue is.


Currently this issue is beyond the scope of support from this office. We are in the process of escalating it. We are putting together a report for the programmers to see if we can come up with a solution.


For now the instant fix is to reinstall Accordance 12. This can provide a work around until we can get this sorted out on our end.


We apologize for this inconvenience. We are working on it.



Are they still working on it? Anyone found a fix? New releases have not solved this problem, I know no workaround, and don't know what to do other than continue using Accordance 12 (though I paid for 13).

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Please contact the technical support staff. They can certainly help you get up and running with version 13.

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