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Dropbox hangs, doesn't sync at first


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Sometimes when I'm closing Dropbox (which is set to sync automatically) it will just hang, and won't sync. It will sit there for minutes waiting to sync. This is odd because I have a super fast ethernet connection. Other Dropbox files seem to sync just fine. 


Any guesses what's up with that?



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No guesses, but you may want to contact Tech support by email ( support@accordancebible.com ), calling 407-339-0266, or accessing Live Chat from the main page of www.accordancebible.com during business hours.

Please let us know if it gets figured out and what might've been causing the problem.
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On 8/19/2020 at 4:55 AM, Battlesman said:

Thanks to Ricardo for fixing it for me!

Any advice you can share. I haven't been able to sync with Dropbox for ages. Accordance just freezes.

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