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Hard to select resource in easy install

Larry Wing

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I just installed Accordance on an iPad and am trying to select some resources to download in Easy Install. Most of the time, when I tap on a resource, the resource below it receives the check mark. If it try to uncheck it the resource below gets the checkmark and sometime the one I want to remove actually gets removed but other times both remain checked.


iPadOS 13.6



I should also note that I don't have this issue on my iPhone, just iPad. 

I've confirmed this morning that I still have the problem and should note that loading purchases takes a long time even over wi-fi.

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Larry, did you ever get this resolved? It might be something that our Tech Support folks could best help with if you don't mind contacting them by email ( support@accordancebible.com ), calling 407-339-0266, or accessing Live Chat from the main page of www.accordancebible.com during business hours.

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No, I never did get it resolved. I ended up downloading a couple at a time. Thankfully, I hadn't planned to download all. I did contact Tech Support and they were stumped and couldn't repeat. We concluded it may have been unique to either something I'd installed or my iPad. Every other use has been fine with no weird problems.


I don't use that iPad too much so it's not a major issue to me.

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