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Update! Accordance 13.1.3 (Windows/macOS)


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Accordance for macOS and Windows has been updated to version 13.1.3 bringing changes to the research cache, glosses in the Syntax Tree Pane, Highlights and more + important bug fixes. Update using Check for App Update from within the software. 



  • The research cache is no longer allowed to be rebuilt while a search is running, which prevents a crash. The user will get an error message if this is attempted.
  • Added the option of showing word glosses in the Syntax Tree pane, using the respective lexical form glosses for the Holmstedt and ETCBC syntax.
  • Added support for a new form of Greek Crasis searching, parsing, and analysis by making Crasis a new part of speech for Greek. 
  • Added a new Parenthesis option when drawing a Highlight on a Text or Tool. This option is automatically used when drawing a rough parenthesis shape around a character in a line. If the drawing is too high or too non-symmetric, then the highlighting will revert to a curve that connects two items.
  • Users with more than 50 Highlight styles in their current Highlight file will now have the “Symbols” menu appear at the top of the Right Click -> Highlight menu, for easier access.
  • Users will now be prompted to apply Atlas/Timeline display preferences changes to all applicable open tabs when closing the preferences. 
  • Updated About this Timeline dialog to support information for the new Enhanced Timeline.
Timeline Fixes 
  • Where Timeline Item scripture links weren’t found if they were the end of the Timeline details information, such as for User Items with no description.
  • Timeline items that were searched for but not already present among the displayed items could overlap with displayed items. 
  • Timeline items could be added to a custom list multiple times. 
  • Issue that would prevent deleting custom items in the Timeline. 
  • Where users who updated to the Enhanced Timeline wouldn’t get the settings files updated properly. 
Other Fixes 
  • A Research pie chart could be blank if the class popup menu was set to “Version”. 
  • Where clicking a section in Research pie chart could add “KEY” to the title instead of “ANY”. 
  • Searching of characters such as brackets in Hebrew tagged texts now will avoid selection of other words near the brackets, such as Ketiv/Qere. 
  • The Syntax Tree pane for Greek would show duplicate forms of words surrounded by brackets.
  • The Text “Ugaritic Tagged” would not show up in the “Other Texts” list in the Amplify menu.
  • When comparing texts, the Ignoring Hebrew Pointing didn’t apply to a lexical comparison.
  • Improved the TEXT command to account for a Text difference that shows an added word, and not even attempting to traditional Word Match that word, to avoid a bad hit elsewhere in the verse. e.g. THGNT-T Acts 20:4 adds “Ἀσίας” which would be incorrectly mapped to GNT28-T’s “Ἀσιανοὶ”.
  • Improved algorithm that determines whether or not to insert missing verses into the source Pane. 
  • When the dot-dash Highlight pattern would only be drawn once instead of repeating.
  • Instant Details issue preventing External Tool Links preview from being filled.
  • Ability to Amplify and preview links to Ugaritic books. 
  • Added error checking when previewing an External Link to better handle incorrect syntax.
  • The “Continue Setup” button would overlap the “Download All” button on new installations.
  • Where deleting a Highlight style would instead delete the previous Highlight style. 
  • Links to modules were not falling back on the replacement module if the linked module was not available. 
  • Certain characters could be cut out during “Copy as Citation” with a certain combination of Citation preferences. This was because the "Copy text as one block" was supposed to be greyed out if the "Show as:" popup menu in the Contents References section is set to "After Verse" or “Above Verse”, but would not be greyed out when the dialog opens, only when this popup was changed. 
  • A Research Cache corruption that could cause a crash in some circumstances. 
  • Crash that would occur when selecting “Convert Items to Custom List” in the Timeline menu. 
  • Crash that could occur when loading a workspace containing a Timeline if User Items displayed in that Timeline had been deleted. 
  • Crash that occurs when searching Greek syntax, in which variant forms are searched. 
  • Crash that could occur when right clicking on the icon to add a User Note. 
  • Crash that could occur when importing a user bible if the user chose a name containing invalid unicode characters. There will now be an error message warning about invalid unicode for file types that don’t support a unicode name.
  • Crash that could occur if attempting to load a font or font style that doesn’t exist.
Windows specific fix
  • Where certain Tutorial dialogs would be taller than they should have been.
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