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Tiny TOC or read icon after search in 3.0.9


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I consistently get a tiny table of contents or read (eyeglasses) icon in 3.0.9 immediately after I search. It happens with different texts and search terms, but the following steps will reproduce it:

  1. ​Open ESVS
  2. Search for Samuel
  3. Tap the center of the screen so that the controls at the top appear.
  4. In the upper left there will be a tiny read (eyeglasses) or table of contents icon. Formerly, both appeared at full size.
  5. Triggering a redraw (e.g., switch to another app, interact with it, and switch back) causes both icons to be displayed at normal size, as they should be.





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I can get this too.

Strange thing is that for me it happens on ESV, NKJV and NASB... but not on NIV or NLT. (Not tried any others.)

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